Our offerings

  • #Custom & Inhouse solutions

Functionally appropriate solutions

Increase your team’s motivation to work together and see more success as a result of your actions.

Our teams are veritable “match makers”, assessing the current strengths of your business and marrying them with internal and external stakeholders. We are HR managers and heads of operations, facilitators, mentors and respected teaching faculty members at Audencia Business School.

Our experience in the field proves that we will be able to help you innovate within your business. We act as a facilitator to unleash your collective potential.

Executive Development

Today, business leaders and HR managers are looking for revolutionary new approaches to training. You can expect a lot from our custom programmes:

  • Quick and quantifiable results
  • Assessment of group dynamics and engagement of all employees
  • Well-researched programme design with an emphasis on efficiency, allowing maximum results for reasonable costs

We offer two types of solutions for your business.

Custom & multimodal programmes

We design tailor-made and multimodal programmes for SMEs, mid-market companies, multinationals and administrations. These programmes are based on our renowned expertise in action learning and on innovative and dynamic teaching techniques. They are, first and foremost, aimed at supporting change and strategic execution.

In-house training

Our company-wide programmes provide certifications, short courses and even degrees on an intra-company scale. They can be adapted as much or as little as you like to meet the requirements of your business and offer an alternative and flexible means to develop and retain talent with the company. We can deliver these programmes at our campus, at your premises or in a blended (online and in-person) format.

Business Coaching : accompagnement à la transformation

As “sparring partners”, or business coaches, we help you transform ideas into projects with quantifiable results. Our strengths lie in our ability to fully develop the potential of employees. We have created a set of original methods and tools to help you with the key stages in this process, but the option is tailor-made to fit your unique needs.

Deploy strategy

  • Use your strategic priorities to formulate a stimulating vision
  • Establish diagnostics to create a shared understanding of the situation and the need to act

Motivate your people

  • Coordinate a management team for the project
  • Communicate the details of the project enthusiastically

Support change projects

  • Get top-down support for the expected changes
  • Identify, gather and encourage sharing of “best practices” throughout the organisation
  • Quickly produce a plan to monitor progress

Learning Expedition

Learning Expedition is our dynamic methodology for training in embracing change. This method shifts perspectives, introducing you to better international practices and allowing you to try out your ideas in a variety of real-time economic and cultural environments.

Our team of experts will organise, host and offer you a tailor-made educational support programme to achieve collectively defined objectives, including:


  • Optimising project synergies in an international context
  • Revolutionising management culture
  • Identifying opportunities for ground-breaking innovations
  • Establishing best practices for quality of service and customer relationship management

Stress Test

We specialise in high pressure stress tests. These tests take the form of role plays that aim to create a sense of urgency through a range of different approaches. Stress tests can produce a range of outcomes:

•    Implementing smart screening
•    Identifying potential scenarios by studying sectoral, geographical, societal and other megatrends affecting an existing business model
•    Optimising your portfolio of strategic initiatives, taking short-term versus mid- and long-term into consideration