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Today’s business environment is complex, constantly changing and internationally focused, posing new challenges for harnessing profits. Companies need to adapt quickly and constantly to individual markets – and to the new generation of tech-connected youth. This requires you and your peers to accept shifting goals and to work collaboratively, with minds that are truly open to new challenges.

Are you looking for solutions that are adapted to your company culture and have the potential to boost the performance of your company? Audencia Business School’s Executive Education Department can help.


Our work is a driving force of future change. Our approach, known as Innovative Learning Solutions (ILS), makes the most of your company’s existing skill sets and know-how.

Choosing ILS means choosing high-quality, seamless and borderless training, through a face-to-face or blended learning approach. We adapt time scales and costs to suit your needs precisely.


We help you begin to transform by using techniques that motivate and empower those who generate the most value and offer the best service to clients. It all starts here: we challenge, confront and go back to basics in order to grasp your true needs.

Our teams adhere to your company culture and your processes, taking into account the specific needs and strategic challenges of your business.

Your learning process is important too. Our educational philosophy keeps the focus on the individual and offers techniques best suited to your unique challenges, whether they involve the ability to absorb new ideas, interdisciplinary training, etc.

The true training phase begins here. Our team – facilitators and guides – employs deliberate practice to improve the professional skills you expect in a given situation.

We develop creative and effective solutions that you can complete face-to-face or in a blended teaching environment. Training can be based on steps such as self-review and analysis, situational problem-solving or role play to lead strategic projects within a group.

These activities allow us to perform a full-scale test of the efficiency of your group, to help instil a common culture, to facilitate strategic decisions, to break down the walls of a silo mentality and to teach people how to work as a team.

By emphasising the importance of new technologies and collaborative platforms, we support you in the preparatory as well as operational stages of change management. Our guidance and mentoring integrate solutions that allow you to measure, adjust and ensure the best outcome of the programme of change.

We work to insure the long-term benefits of your learning experience by transferring our entire knowledge base to you, giving you total autonomy over the process of change within your company.

Christophe Carpinelli Christophe Carpinelli

Christophe Carpinelli

Department head

Christophe graduated from the University of Nantes with a degree in international public law, majoring in the environment. He then completed an executive management programme (IGIA-HEC), sponsored by Luc Darbonne, CEO of Darégal. Christophe is a highly qualified leader in team mentoring and systemic teaching methods.

Edouard Brisson Edouard Brisson

Edouard Brisson

Business development manager

Edouard graduated from the University of Tours and ESC Grenoble in the Technology and Innovation in Business Management track. He has spent over 12 years working in education and human resources, both of which he is passionate about.

After earning a degree in Spanish, Christine developed her sales and organisational skills by working in a variety of sectors in France and French Polynesia. Within ILS, she is responsible for logistical and organisational management.

Christine Guerin Christine Guerin

Christine Guerin

Project coordinator

Miguel has a degree in business engineering. With more than 15 years of experience in the training sector, he is a recognised expert in mixed learning methods and large scale project management. He is also our finance industry expert.

Miguel Chardon Miguel Chardon

Miguel Chardon

Business development manager

Virginie Remias Virginie Remias

Virginie Remias

Project coordinator

With a degree in executive management, Virginie has recognised experience in managing degree programmes and driving individually tailored development courses. She is our expert in educational organisation and logistics.

Core Faculty members
André Sobczak André Sobczak

André Sobczak

Head of research

Director of the Institute for CSRCo-chair for corporate and social responsibility


Staff profile

Céline Legrand Céline Legrand

Céline Legrand

Associate professor

Co-director of the management, organisation and law discipline

Staff profile

Senior lecturer in management control

Staff profile

Christian Moinard Christian Moinard

Christian Moinard

Associate professor

Chair for family business entrepreneurship

Staff profile

Miruna Radu-Lefebvre Miruna Radu-Lefebvre

Miruna Radu-Lefebvre

Associate professor

Nicolas Minvielle Nicolas Minvielle

Nicolas Minvielle

Associate professor

Programme director for master’s in marketing, design and creation

Staff profile

Mickaël Naulleau Mickaël Naulleau

Mickaël Naulleau


Senior lecturer for human resources management and consulting major

Staff profile

Affiliated Faculty members
Juliette Boussuat Juliette Boussuat

Juliette Boussuat

Communication & Performance

With a master’s degree in marketing, Juliette has 15 years of hands-on experience in marketing management and marketing and communication for subsidiaries of international groups in the technology sector. As an educational director and trainer, she shares her knowledge of corporate communication, interpersonal communication and value creation in management, sales and customer relations. Juliette is also a kinesiologist, lending her expertise in human movement to assist individuals and teams with stress management and personal and professional development.

Sylvie Baron Sylvie Baron

Sylvie Baron

Management and team mentoring

Sylvie has a master’s degree (DESS) in social psychology and a bachelor's degree in adult education. She is an ICI Paris-certified Master Coach, certified in the 4 Colors® method of professional development and trained in transactional analysis and neurolinguistic programming. Sylvie has worked as a consultant for over 20 years with private and public clients, and is also a personal coach. She uses a multidisciplinary approach to mobilize the skills and resources of teams and help them gain autonomy in change processes.

Vincent works as a negotiator for the National Gendarmerie Intervention Group and specialises in crisis management and prevention. He works to resolve situations such as hostage negotiations, extortion, kidnapping and terrorism – without bloodshed. Vincent’s background also includes handling emergency situations within the National Department of Health. He uses his years of experience to design and lead training programmes in crisis management for businesses.

Vincent François Vincent François

Vincent François

Delicate negotiations and crisis management

A former senior manager of two food industry giants, Serge created RêInvention in 2009 and is a consultant in change management and leadership. He specialises in fresh ways of thinking and managerial, strategic and operational support. Serge helps businesses achieve sustainable change. His work as a coach inspires people and companies to create, innovate and move forward at critical moments of transformation.

Serge Elbaz Serge Elbaz

Serge Elbaz

Management and innovation mentor

Marie-Pierre Yéni Guillaume Marie-Pierre Yéni Guillaume

Marie-Pierre Yéni Guillaume

Financial management and performance

Marie-Pierre has a master’s degree (DESS) in financial management from Paris Dauphine University. She has worked as an auditor and as an advisor for financial and general management bodies within English multinational companies in the electronics sector. Marie-Pierre has been a professor in financial management for over 10 years and has led the Marketplace and Global Challenge simulations at CESINE University Centre in Spain. In 2008, she co-created MEM-X Diffusion, a manufacturer of vocal memory aids for people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Elodie Tardy Elodie Tardy

Elodie Tardy

Communication and team building

Elodie is a communication trainer and certified mentor approved by the National Directory of Professional Certifications. She is also an actress, trained at Les Enfants Terribles theatre school in Paris. Elodie builds bridges between her two worlds, devising programmes and holding workshops on research into subjects such as individual and team efficiency. With specialties in business and public relations as well as team building, she merges performance and working life, training clients in personal development and public speaking.

Delphine has an MBA from Xavier University in Cincinnati, OH, with a major in marketing. She has been working in consultancy and training for over 16 years. A mentor specialising in business negotiations, she supports public sector organisations by identifying ways for them to improve their management and sales skills and more. Delphine’s background in management – especially her work in London – allows her to advise and train clients using the English language and a multicultural approach.

Delphine Jolivel Delphine Jolivel

Delphine Jolivel

Business negotiations and management

As a consultant specialising in all areas of marketing, Claire has worked as a marketing executive, head of sales, and the director of the partnerships and affiliates programme of a large French hotel group. She advises and trains in management, sales and customer service, specialising in innovation within the education sector. Claire is certified in the 4 Colors® method of professional development and is the co-developer of the web platform Know Futures®, which is dedicated to blended and internal learning solutions for businesses.

Claire Trevisiani Claire Trevisiani

Claire Trevisiani

Commercial development

Charlotte Laigo Mouiche Charlotte Laigo Mouiche

Charlotte Laigo Mouiche

Management and leadership

Charlotte began her career working for various European and global sales teams, and went on to found the management coaching company Amilya in 2007. She is certified as a master practitioner of humanistic neurolinguistic programming (NLP) by the International NLP Trainers Association, and has been supporting and training directors in management and leadership in complex environments for ten years. Charlotte teaches clients how to give their choices meaning and move from “doing” to “being”. She is team leader for the management training organization GERME and chairperson of the Pays de la Loire ESSEC Business School alumni club.

Brigitte Boussuat Brigitte Boussuat

Brigitte Boussuat

Management and behavioural stances

Following a successful career in marketing, Brigitte founded Advance Consulting some 20 years ago. She has won multiple national awards for sales training. Brigitte created the 4 Colors® method of professional development, and is a co-author of “Manager par les couleurs” and an international lecturer. She leads a network of 140 consultants in 12 countries, uses the Funny Learning® training method and is one of the founders of the web platform Know Futures®, which is dedicated to blended and internal learning solutions for businesses.